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People from Taiwan mostly don’t celebrate Christmas with the exception of a few, as only around 5% of the population are actually Christian, the rest are usually Buddhist or atheists. The 25th of December isn’t even a national holiday, it used to be though, as that was the date the Constitution of the Republic of China was signed in 1947 (officially called the constitution day) in 1963 they made it a national holiday which people then treated at Christmas, however due to many current reasons that has now ceased since 2001, and people now have to work on the day and shops stay open.

The majority of people are Buddhists and therefore do not celebrate and even as little as 20 years ago no-one celebrated Christmas at all as no-one studied Christianity, the more people that now turn to Christianity the more Christmas is celebrated.

There are many dinners around Christmas time and it’s celebrated with friends and family, everyone is fine dressed, with delicate cuisine and homemade cakes, even the none Christians get attracted due to its colourful, friendly and joyful festivities.

Whereas the younger generations now prefer to celebrate with parties and gatherings with their friends.
Due to the small amount of Christians allot of families only celebrate with their church ‘families’.
Many people shop more than usual especially for food or they dine at restaurants more often so businesses keepers bring in more revenue around Christmas, so it’s getting allot more of a commercial holiday these days. A few family homes do have Christmas trees as they’re becoming more popular and some stores also decorate.

Some schools now even hold Caroling shows; churches often have Christmas parents and shows by the Sunday school children at which Santa Claus may appear baring gifts for the children.
Other than their gift from Santa children may only get one other present from their parents.
Like many other countries and cultures in that are the biggest celebration around that time is usually at Chinese New Year, allot of time people would forget if Christmas was around.